Anti-resolutions 2006

Start smoking seriously. Gain 10 kilograms. Snarl at strangers. Exercise infrequently. Be less motivated at work. Watch more Tv. Commit random acts of unkindness.

Terms of Endangerment

I don’t do too well with affectionate little labels. I put them right into that box with other cringey offerings from the y-chromosomed; such as […]

home for the holidays

I have time. Sweet 16 days of my very own. Obligation and responsibility packed away in their sensible grey boxes. 384 hour pockets of time […]

I just called to say …

Sunday 5am. Curettaged from sleep by Freshly Ground’s doo-be-doo. The true tone pours out of my phone friendly and confusing, surely it couldn’t be time […]

I hate the word

It’s something Mold does. In all its furry, mildewy, zygomycotic vainglory. Settling. I will not be fungi.