Anti-resolutions 2006

Start smoking seriously. Gain 10 kilograms. Snarl at strangers. Exercise infrequently. Be less motivated at work. Watch more Tv. Commit random acts of unkindness.

Terms of Endangerment

I don’t do too well with affectionate little labels. I put them right into that box with other cringey offerings from the y-chromosomed; such as […]

home for the holidays

I have time. Sweet 16 days of my very own. Obligation and responsibility packed away in their sensible grey boxes. 384 hour pockets of time […]

I just called to say …

Sunday 5am. Curettaged from sleep by Freshly Ground’s doo-be-doo. The true tone pours out of my phone friendly and confusing, surely it couldn’t be time […]

I hate the word

It’s something Mold does. In all its furry, mildewy, zygomycotic vainglory. Settling. I will not be fungi.

these paper shoulders

these paper shoulders crease crumple pucker powder from catching the tears of the world. yours are made of stronger stuff.

the ties that bind part 2

It’s the season. Not just the one of the questionably jolly fat gentleman in a red jumpsuit and his entourage of randy reindeer, or the […]