Of things we sometimes imagine

the box on the shelf with the black-penned Possibility has a lid that won’t close for yesterday’s thinkings and tomorrow’s procrastinations clutter and never lie […]

buddy talk

I’ve been your friend since you puked up on me in grade school, I can tell you this. You buddy, make roadkill look attractive. -Sheesh, […]

Alfred at No 30, Streetview Terrace.

There was another crazy person at the door.

This one had a pink plastic garden flamingo in a sleeper embrace under his right arm, while he authoritively left-palmed a faux-cheetahfur bound filofax. Looking very much like a sunday morning tv-evangelist with a god-struck devotee and a well-thumped bible, Alfred thought, squinting cautiously through the peekhole.

Yesterday’s one was an attractive brunette wearing electric-blue Manolohs. […]

Jim at the licensing department

Jim van de Vuuren wears a really bad toupee. Probably the worst artificial hairpiece to have ever been manufactured. Jim appears ignorant of this. Jim […]

good intentions

Oblivious to the greater social ramification, Ling and Charles Curr, named their newborn ‘Wan’.