the ‘Ville weekend

Gran needed weekend company and I was keen to drive – anywhere – even if it was down Main Reef Road towards Azaadville, maintaining the […]


i won’t search for the sleep you lost, or the words spent in my way, one day you’re gonna tell a friend chorus: one day […]

capsule bloemfontein

The coffee cup placed in front of me has an authentic granny-crocheted doily beneath it. This is Bloemfontein. I’m sharing a tuna tramezzini at De […]

rhymes with rhyme

Name was Valentine, Baby, be mine, Said I was sweet, Oh, would be neat, If we could cruise Sometime. Name was Valentine, Get in the […]

soul’d (memories of ramadaan)

Ramdh, “burning of the feet from heat” Ramadha, ‘intense heat” Ramad, “the heat of the stones arising from the intense heat of the sun” Heat. […]