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While this is effectively the second month of my 8-5 rebellion, here’s the official announcement;

I am now a freelancer.

I’ve swapped traffic terrors to battle pyjama-procrastination, with some losses and a few wins. I’ve just passed that stage where the amount of free time was so novel and overwhelming, that all I did was whittle it away on long breakfasts, catch-ups with friends, google reader, twitter and The Office (Dunder Mifflin’s and not frayintermedia’s).

But redemption came via little fits of productivity and I did a bit of writing, co-facilitated a design and layout training session at the IAJ, populated www.colournoun.co.za with some examples of work and

magicked this


into this (still cluttered but now there’s a semblance of method to the madness).


I also pepped up a fongkong-moleskine I got at Woolworths…


…and played with some modge-podge (I can see now that it needed more layers of the modge).


Now that my time has been returned to me, I hope to get down to reading some of these…


…and writing more towards something that would be worth a space on some shelf somewhere.

Some things I’ve learnt from my time at home so far:

Your day only starts when you get out of your pyjamas.

You can sleep too much.

Your rozi* will find you.

*rozi-sustenance/daily bread/income

As it is mine, may this be your guide too: