IMG_3415I am Saaleha Idrees Bamjee (sometimes  bylined as Saaleha Bamjee or Saaleha Bamjee-Mayet), a believer who holds zealously the notion that God has a sense of humour and that everyone should kill their own Buddhas.

I was born in 1983 in the small town of Azaadville on Joburg’s West Rand. I now live closer to the city’s engineered skylines, working as a freelance writer, photographer and incidental designer.  I have an MA in Creative Writing from Rhodes University, Grahamstown and some of my work has appeared in local literary journals.  A food pornographer by calling, I would like to one day create a confessional recipe book in measures of rhythm and breath. I also maintain a food and craft blog called Ice Cream Everyday.

Older and oft times more cynical writings can be read at my old blog and

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If you’re looking for the other writer named Saaleha Bhamjee,  you can find her blog at Afrocentric Muslimah