About saaleha

I am a freelance writer and photographer (look for me as ShootCake). I have an MA in Creative Writing from Rhodes University, Grahamstown and some of my work has appeared in local literary journals. A food pornographer by calling, I would like to one day create a confessional recipe book in measures of rhythm and breath.

Notes on Writing as a Writer in Residence I

It’s a complicated time to be at a university in South Africa. It feels like an […]

The Sunday Poem June 12, 2016 at 10:41PM

165/366 Pomegranate arils lit with #lumecube I wrote a poem about pomegranates once.

I Feel You

Here's an odd little story I submitted to a local literary magazine for their 'Siblings' issue. It didn't make it through to selection, and so I share this tale of strangeness with you here.

24mm Pancakes and Krispy Kremes

Prime lenses may not always be practical, but they force you into carefully considering each of your frames and I've found them to be quite versatile. And the image quality is always on-point; with sharp details and beautiful bokeh from the benefit of wide apertures.

Photography Project 366:February 2016

Featuring food, flora and fabulous people.