Imagined Confessions and the Crumbs of Everyday Godhood


Have you ever seen the girl who can cry confetti?

completion made manifest

completion made manifest Our love comes down to bread, milk and bananas. The staff of life, The stuff of bones, The stomach-cramping fruit, his favourite […]


Mummy asked about you Daddy, Asked me why I didn’ write, It’s not that you’re out of mind Daddy, Just the words were not in […]

Free writing exercise

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I don’t know if this counts though, as I scrawled while (wo)manning our paper goods stall at the fleamarket on Sunday. Probably took longer than five minutes too. Brain spew mostly. It’s what happens when you stop reading real books. Flies sit on the mind’s eyes. Creative kwashiorkor. […]

of fatwah and fitnah

This has been inside of me for too many years now. — Schismatics, asthmatics. can’t breathe When they’re telling me, How I seethe When they’re […]

A twitter rhyme/twyme

There is a sin tax On my syntax. The words extort. Whirred exhort. It’s so hard to conceive, When the mind is a sieve, I’m […]


After my er... theatric rendering of Kroes, a poem by Parasputin, I challenged him to interpret one of my writings.