South African Human Rights Day

We have come a long way on the road that is longer still. May there come a time when Humanity defaults to humaneity and we no longer need to call a special day after Human Rights.

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3 thoughts on “South African Human Rights Day”

  1. LOL @ Above comment.

    You must get thet reaction a lot Saaleha. Even I was tempted 🙂


    P.S. I agree with your human rights thingy, there was debate on radio saying thsat Human Rights day isn’t only for black people and everybody should stop laying lazily on the loo or go on consumerist shopping sprees.

  2. Oh! Have mercy! I just looked at your new profile photo, and you are so pretty Saaleha, that the teeth fall out of my old man jaw!

    …Uh, yes: Human rights good.

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