Women’s Day 2008

A treat
for Women’s Day;
manicures for all the girls.
How nice to have one’s hand
wrapped in another’s;
A drive
to the shops after
and there’s a woman
at the robots,
her baby growing on her back.
Her hands hold out
a small bowl.
Window wound down,
buffed and filed fingernails
bounce off sunlight
as coins hit plastic
with the cadence
of impotent guilt.

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I am a writer and photographer (look up my work on www.shootcake.com) based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have an MA in Creative Writing from the university currently known as Rhodes. My writing accolades include winning the 2014 Writivism Short Story Prize and the 2020 Ingrid Jonker Poetry Prize for my debut collection, Zikr.

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