Drawing Destinies

My very simplistic rendering of how I imagine the interaction between fate and free-will to be.


Some things you can’t avoid. The rest is up to you.

Now draw your own.

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I am a writer and photographer (look up my work on www.shootcake.com) based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have an MA in Creative Writing from the university currently known as Rhodes. My writing accolades include winning the 2014 Writivism Short Story Prize and the 2020 Ingrid Jonker Poetry Prize for my debut collection, Zikr.

6 thoughts on “Drawing Destinies”

  1. i’m still thinking …

    but i’m still not convinced …
    if every different path leads up to the same eventuality, then why should we bother getting up in the morning?

    enlighten me saal :-p

  2. @Mash: A Gtalk with Sumayya prompted this:)
    @Shafs: Forgiven. plotieritis sounds nasty, hope your characters aren’t getting inflamed.
    @Seher: It does look a bit like that yes. But what I mean to say is that sometimes multiple paths lead up to one point and then diverge again.
    @GS: Think of it as an MBA case study:)

  3. i have a bad case of plotieritis (of course i made that up). so i look at this philosophically and say : nice blueprint for a good plot with some disasters at strategic points. etc.

    the fate n destiny thing is too deep for my fickle imagination… at least at this moment. 🙂

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