allergic reactions

(A piece I started years ago and rounded off today)

Talk to me dammit, Say something, anything. Please. I can’t stand it when you get like this. Really, I can’t handle it. Why the hell aren’t you speaking? Come on, please. Please? I’m begging you. What did I do? Tell me. Come on, just tell me. Don’t look away from me. You can’t avoid facing me forever you know? I’m always going to be here. We’re not leaving this table until you say something. Continue reading allergic reactions

the way forward

Oft times when one encounters a brick wall, an overwhelming urge for capitulum to kiss clay with vigorous repetition presents itself.

In such an instance you would do well to be mindful of a caveat or two; a stubborn wall rarely commits to anything while living tissue tends to book the caterers.

Granny’s been over for a few days while Naeem observes Itikaaf. She would say, “Haha karakarwanu, ek kaan ma ti karilakwanu.*”

That’s a good bunch of sage to carry around as a taaweez**.

*Just say yes yes and take it out of one ear
**amulet/piece of scripture worn for ‘protection’