The first thing I designed for this really simple suite was the party-pack gift-tags.

My sister-in-law Fatima had already put together garden-themed party favours for her daughter Aaminah’s friends, each consisting of a plastic planter, “ladybug” chocolates and other complementing elements.

I took my cue from the colours of the planters she’d purchased and used Inkscape to create the pot plant graphic and the shape and fill of the tags.


After seeing the tags, she decided she’d like to have a few invitations printed as well.

The birthday brunch had been booked at a nearby restaurant for just a few of Aaminah’s closest friends. It was a very informal get-together and didn’t really require proper printed invites, but it was a sweet touch and I think my niece appreciated the form they took.

I decided to carry the look and feel of the gift-tag through to the invitation. I edited the Fiolex Girls font so that I’d have little blossoms instead of hearts for the title wording. We kept the assembly simple and all that was required was to have a folded invitation fastened shut with a vertical bellyband.