I occasionally scan through my spam folder for misdirected mail or 419 scams that demand my immediate response.

In-between the googolplex in lottery wins, monster erection guarantees, bank phish and the miscellany of bot-generated indictments on human desire and greed, it was with great delight that I came across this gem;

dear importer

Have a nice day !
Lately we have a nice nite water pen , Kpen-050 and i suggest to you at the first time . Please kindly check the below details .
Kpen-050 Set of 6 colours (green , purple , pink , yellow , orange , blue )
When we write down the word , it seems many colourful firefly on our paper . Let ourselves go to the summer night , we play with our friends , count the stars , enjoy ourselves . Please don’t hesitate to order this products , sure all your customer will be like .
Warmly welcome to you order this product . Then we will quotate the price according to your order details .Best regards !
perfect culture and sport product co.ltd

“Let ourselves go to the summer night”, a thought of wonderment that is.

Now you too can enjoy a reminder of careless beauty by clicking on the image below to download the wallpaper I created from this found piece of whimsy and stock from DragonArts.