That new year smell

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You can rewrite your script at any time but there’s just something about new years and Mondays that import impetus and gravitas to reinventions.

I have just a few resolutions this year;

  • To drop the kilogram-equivalent of a small child.
  • To respect food.
  • To focus on writing and photography.
  • To start my day earlier.


I’ve been accepted into Rhodes University’s part-time MA Creative Writing programme. Over the next two years I will have flare guns directed at my reluctant-writer ass by course deadlines and supervisors.

While I’ve always considered my greatest strength to be the ability to fit into whatever skin is demanded of me, my scattered focus has been to my detriment.

My energies have been stretched across too many frames. I’ve not been writing as I should and I am bereft.

I’ve decided to downscale my freelance work to include only existing copywriting/web management obligations, the ShootCake project and the occasional social media workshop facilitation I do for frayintermedia.

I know this MA will only be as good as the hard work I put into it, but it does offer me a tangible creative process and an end in sight.

I’m hopeful.

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