Down in G’town – Days 4 and 5 – Quick Pics

The course supervisors continued their readings and seminars on Thursday while Friday gave us our first lick of the peer-review/critique-circle experience.

It was not the evisceration I expected but a valuable series of inputs and comments on the way we structured and conveyed meaning through our work.

I’ve been looking for this grade of sand-paper all my life.


Down in G’town – Days 2 and 3 – Quick Pics

Day 2:

We spent most of Tuesday on a farm belonging to Robert Berold, one of the course supervisors. It is a generous space and when we weren’t being embraced by the heartening hospitality of our hosts, we filled our time sitting under the trees free-writing.


Down in G’town – Day 1 – Quick Pics

Registration at Rhodes was fairly painless. My Rhodent status is now confirmed by the requisite unflattering likeness fused onto plastic.
The day’s welcomes and introductions left me a with a bit of daylight to take a short photo-walk down Somerset Road.