New York (pre-Sandy)

My thoughts on this city of cities lay latent on the pages of my notebook. Until I submit my MA portfolio (which I meant to complete before we left SA but for my crazy paving intentions) there is no space for any other writing.  My deadline is next Monday and I’m hoping I’ll be smashed in the head with some fecund profundities from then on.

I do have pictures though.

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7 thoughts on “New York (pre-Sandy)”

    1. That was the Blue Bottle Coffee stall at the Smorgasburg food market in Brooklyn, and the first time I’d seen coffee prepared this way. They line up these special ceramic dripper cups (each one lined with a moist coffee filter), spoon the ground beans in, pour over hot water and wait for the coffee to fill the cups underneath. The coffee was very good and I like that its preparation counters instant-gratification culture.

    1. We’ll be back there late December, look out for those pics. New Yorkers endure and I’m certain they will have worked through the worst of Sandy’s devastation by then.

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