Ramadan Photo A Day 2013: Days 1-10

I’ve been contributing to the Ramadan Photo A Day group on Facebook. This year’s themes are based around shared values. I’ve been interpreting them visually with items and spaces from around or close to my work area.

Day 1: Love (Ramadan Photo-A-Day 2013)
Day 1: Love
Day 2: Justice (Ramadan Photo-A-Day 2013)
Day 2: Justice
Day 3: Mindfulness (Ramadan Photo-A-Day 2013)
Day 3: Mindfulness
In happy synchronicity, last night I came across this sentence in Edward Hirsch’s How To Read A Poem.
Day 4: Respect (Ramadan Photo-A-Day 2013)
Day 4: Respect
Temperament, Technique, Tradition (sometimes)
Saudi coffee prepared in a moka pot, drunk out of a 40-something-year-old glass.
A tenuous link to the theme, but what’s a photo-a-day without the ubiquitous coffee shot?
Day 5: Kindness (Ramadan Photo-A-Day 2013)
Day 5: Kindness
An unexpected gift, a small basket handmade by the giver’s mum.
Day 6: Responsibility (Ramadan Photo-A-Day 2013)
Day 6: Responsibility
Day 7: Health (Ramadan Photo-A-Day 2013)
Day 7: Health
A measured approach, eat with the end in mind. Waist not, want not.
Day 8: Humility (Ramadan Photo-A-Day 2013)
Day 8: Humility
Day 9: Compassion (Ramadan Photo-A-Day 2013)
Day 9: Compassion
Day 10: Integrity (Ramadan Photo-A-Day 2013)
Day 10: [Structural] Integrity

Poems in Other Places

The Geary Street apartment, San Francisco
Published Loop #2 (Tearoom Books)

Life leaks through the walls
slips in through the window
along with the theme from Braveheart
and the colicky baby
pee finding porcelain
two flushes
a cough some guitar chords
canned laughter bubbling under the paint.

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