2013 | The Retrospective

New Years Eve, Central Park, New York, 2012
  1. Wrote and edited 40 poems for my Masters thesis.
  2. Participated in the PnP Freshly Blogged Challenge; improvising my way through ingredients and techniques that were new to me.
  3. Turned 30.
  4. Took a great deal of photographs.
  5. Didn’t blog as much as I wanted to.
  6. Had too many unproductive days.
  7. Didn’t call my mum and granny as often as I should have.
  8. Learnt how to float on my back.
  9. Made tubs of ice cream.
  10. Ate tubs of ice cream.
  11. Gave away my fat clothes.
  12. Started running on a treadmill.
  13. Lost a few kilograms.
  14. Dyed my hair red.
  15. Read really good poetry.
  16. Started taking my health seriously.
  17. Developed some sense as to where I want to be as a writer.
  18. Said, “No.”
  19. Fumbled with faith.
  20. Read more than wrote.
  21. Watched a sick amount of tv.

Fare Well Madiba

This Is The Autumn Of Our Hearts
(Goodbye Tata)

This is the autumn of our hearts.
The gentle slipping
of the leaves, the letting go of trees
to a ground tilled 27 years and more.
The turning over; agitation
of minds, succouring of conscience,
the soil is now ready to receive.
This son has set. It is for
other suns to rise.