Camera Collectanea: Shine Strong High Tea, Beautiful Things and Paper Cameras

Good Housekeeping’s Pantene Shine Strong High Tea|27 August 2015


When an invite to Good Housekeeping’s Pantene Shine Strong High Tea dropped into my inbox, I cleared my schedule. I never pass on cake and a cuppa.

It wasn’t all carbs and crumbs at the lyrical Shepstone Gardens though. Proceeds from the the High Tea benefited Sisters4Sisters, a community-based non-profit who, among other aims, works towards empowering women in abusive situations. The event’s overarching theme was one of unapologetic strength. SA Fashion Week founder and director, Lucilla Booyzen welcomed us as confidants, sharing her story of a life designed by dreams and drive.

Unless I’m bound to by blood or emotional bondage, I unfollow people on Instagram who regularly post motivational masturbation and obvious life affirmations overlaid on bokeh backgrounds. Therefore, I’m not generally appreciative of inspirational woowoo, but listening to Booyzen, and the other speakers, I felt a current drill through me. Maybe it was the glycaemic load from the milktart cupcake I’d just inhaled. Maybe it was the realisation that I could in fact rewrite my life script anytime I wanted to. My take-home (along with the sexy Tupperware in the goodie bag) was the recognition that my own strengths lie in being resilient and re-inventive.











Coffee Worship




Camera-shaped Box with Moo MiniCard slot


I still receive queries about the Moo MiniCard holders I designed a few years ago. I don’t sell them but I have made the template freely available for anyone who wants to make their own (click here for that and more information). I’ve now taken the original design and adapted it to form a camera-shaped box large enough to fit a memory stick. It’s a fun and personable way for me to deliver work to ShootCake clients.