The Klass Brothers | Al Jazeera Magazine, January 2015

I wrote about the Klass brothers, proprietors of The Collectors Treasury, for the January 2015 edition of Al Jazeera Magazine.
Cornel van Heerden took the photographs.

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SA skills shortage: Crisis or Urban legend?

‘SKILLS SHORTAGE’ and brain¬†drain’ are phrases that make for¬†ubiquitous headlines.

The 2010 Soccer World Cup,¬†Gautrain and other infrastructure¬†construction projects will demand¬†much of South Africa’s pool of qualified and¬†experienced people and the perception that the¬†pool is nearly empty has raised alarm…

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Connectivity for development

When the first spate of xenophobic attacks hit last year, Google South Africa found out that 89 percent of South Africans searching online for information, didn’t know how to spell xenophobia…

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