Down in G’town – Days 4 and 5 – Quick Pics

The course supervisors continued their readings and seminars on Thursday while Friday gave us our first lick of the peer-review/critique-circle experience.

It was not the evisceration I expected but a valuable series of inputs and comments on the way we structured and conveyed meaning through our work.

I’ve been looking for this grade of sand-paper all my life.

Here are the last in my series of photos taken in and around the Rhodes University campus:









Down in G’town – Days 2 and 3 – Quick Pics

Day 2:

We spent most of Tuesday on a farm belonging to Robert Berold, one of the course supervisors. It is a generous space and when we weren’t being embraced by the heartening hospitality of our hosts, we filled our time sitting under the trees free-writing.

We left the farm early enough for me to still have a bit of time to walk through Grahamstown and take a few close-up pictures of the Cathedral.

There’s also a metal sculpture on campus that makes me feel like an unbound traveller, cycling into the Anywhere.

Day 3:

It was our first full day of readings and seminars, and as per my twitter/facebook updates, I couldn’t help but fizz with fangirl-adulation.

In this “The City of Saints”, the most interesting buildings to photograph often happen to be religious structures. The following pictures are of the Rhodes University Chapel of St Mary and All the Angels.

Down in G’town – Day 1 – Quick Pics

Registration at Rhodes was fairly painless. My Rhodent status is now confirmed by the requisite unflattering likeness fused onto plastic.
The day’s welcomes and introductions left me a with a bit of daylight to take a short photo-walk down Somerset Road.

Institute for the Study of English in Africa (ISEA) on St Peters Campus, Rhodes University, and home of the MA Creative Writing programme.
When the Grahamstown gaol closed in 1975, it had been the oldest functioning prison in the Republic of South Africa.

Down High Street, towards the St. Michael and St. George Cathedral.