Ramadan Photo A Day 2014: Days 21-30


Days 21 and 22: Fear and Hope
This world is not safe for children.
Children could grow to save this world.


Days 23 and 24: Gentle and Harsh
My faith; the cool spots under pillows.
So far from yours; damning and bludgeoning.


Days 25 and 26: New and Old
You are still my fresh horizon love,
an accomplice to set these years alight.


Days 27 and 28: Remembrance and Forgetfulness
The Almighty knows best of human caprice.
When we are ready, He is there.


Days 29 and 30: Temporary and Eternal
These sticky things like pain and doubt,
They too lose tack and flick away.

Ramadan Photo A Day 2014: Days 11-20


Days 11 and 12: Perfection and Imperfection
This before, this was an unwritten universe
And now my hand, fails the page.


Days 13 and 14: Moon and Sun
For two coins, writers scrape the skies,
to spend on love and other tides.


Days 15 and 16: Dependence and Independence
Your heart is on training wheels until
you choose the person it beats for.


Days 17 and 18: Give and Receive
In sincere communion; two hands embrace unknown
whose is the one that has given.


Days 19 and 20: Individual and Collective
There’s nothing original about sin or suffering.
Lead-heavy our souls, we bear together.

Ramadan Photo A Day 2014: Days 1-10


For this  year’s Ramadan Photo A Day challenge, I decided to write and photograph 14-word couplets inspired by the binary prompts.



Days 1 and 2: Light and Dark
The cup on the counter holds shadows,
We sip its spiced secrets from saucers.


Days 3 and 4: Movement and Stillness
The dervish does not dance, he knocks
at the door of God, and listens.


Days 5 and 6: Balance and Imbalance
Things they don’t teach in journalism school;
Whose children are worth more to advertisers?


Days 7 and 8: Feminine and Masculine
You outgrew colour coded uniforms. You wear
all strength, all tenderness on one arm.


Days 9 and 10: Completeness and Emptiness
You and I, we make perfect circles,
Generous spaces for our genes to pool.