For this  year’s Ramadan Photo A Day challenge, I decided to write and photograph 14-word couplets inspired by the binary prompts.



Days 1 and 2: Light and Dark
The cup on the counter holds shadows,
We sip its spiced secrets from saucers.


Days 3 and 4: Movement and Stillness
The dervish does not dance, he knocks
at the door of God, and listens.


Days 5 and 6: Balance and Imbalance
Things they don’t teach in journalism school;
Whose children are worth more to advertisers?


Days 7 and 8: Feminine and Masculine
You outgrew colour coded uniforms. You wear
all strength, all tenderness on one arm.


Days 9 and 10: Completeness and Emptiness
You and I, we make perfect circles,
Generous spaces for our genes to pool.