So, I have decided that next year, I will be turning 26. I will be 27 in four years time.
I’ve always had one of those ‘mature’ faces, and after seven years, I’m finally grown into it.
Oh all you wonderful people; you are the seatwarmers of my winter days.
I came across this old gtalk chat while looking for something in my mail:
Mak: so Saaleha.. what are your plans forthe next 5 years ?
me: hmmm
lets see now
five years
within that time
i hope to be married to my soulmate
have completed my masters in creative writing
and have done a vast amount of travel
Well, here’s me tooting my own tooter; I’m actually pretty much on track with that timeline. Almighty Willing and Saaleha Doing, I will be shaking hands with the deadline.

Google’s doodle yesterday was a tribute to Russian composer Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky. It will probably take me a lifetime and beyond to nudge him off of the June 17 spot. Ambition is the salt of life.