Things I probably should’ve given Naeem the heads-up on

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1. I have a real problem managing time.

2. Hence I’m a pro-procrastinator.

3. It is difficult for me to wake up early especially if there is nothing pressing to attend to.

4. I sing along to jingles and other tracks when I watch TV or listen to the radio.

5. Chaos is my element.

6. I’m always up for eating strange things.

7. I like the bitterness of schweppes dry lemon and malts.

8. My dreams are often strange and textbook. (There’s one I would like to translate into an art installation; a swimming pool shell filled with condoms that have had little notes placed in them by people writing about their regrets or unfulfilled dreams)

9. I’m easily distracted.

10. I can lose hours on repetitive games.

11. I really, really don’t like conflict.

12. I’m selfish. Not because I want to be, but because I don’t know how to be any other way. (I am an only child)

13. My stuff is everywhere.

14. I speak silly.

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7 thoughts on “Things I probably should’ve given Naeem the heads-up on”

  1. damn, i have too much in common with this list and z will attest to 1,2,3,5,6,9, 13 &14.
    z is pretty much organised all of the time so i like to think of it as ‘balancing us out’ 😀

    i’m a bit worried about your dreams – well not really, i think they’re wild and awesome and will definitely ‘rock the boat’ (i.e. the Majlis) 🙂 ‘what is wrong with this muslim woman making art with condoms? don’t you know there is no such thing as art? blasphemy!’

    i’m sorry, i couldn’t resist it 😀

  2. Ballenschieten FTW!!! Im sorry for introducing you to it. I have lost about 6 good working hours to that game!
    #8 is a bit freaky
    #11 we have in common.

    The rest make Saaleha, well Saaleha!!

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