Personal Identity: A Monogram

Monograms feel like classy relics from an offline age where people still left behind their calling cards.

For now, I will resist embroidering this simple consolidated SIB onto bathrobes and towels, incorporating it instead into the design of my personal stationery suite and business cards.


calling card2014


calling card20142


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4 thoughts on “Personal Identity: A Monogram”

  1. I’m thinking that putting it on a stamp wouldn’t be such a bad idea. And maybe even have one of those elaborate rings made – then you can get some red wax and seal all your letters with your ring. How dramatic am I 😉

    1. A stamp, definitely! An embossing disc would also be cool, but it’s mad expensive for something I would use so rarely. One day, when I’m some kind of manic mogul, that kind of ring will be absolutely mandatory.

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