TBT: California (The 2012 Bumper Edition)

San Francisco

Zen, bridges, pay your dues, art hustle.



Chill, breathe deeper, take pictures for proof.


Along Highway 1

From Monterey to Morro Bay. I aint never seen no blue like this before.


Los Angeles

Characters, dream chancers, sunset hopes.


San Diego

Naval gazing, sleepy mammals, parks and recreation.

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I am a writer and photographer (look up my work on www.shootcake.com) based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have an MA in Creative Writing from the university currently known as Rhodes. My writing accolades include winning the 2014 Writivism Short Story Prize and the 2020 Ingrid Jonker Poetry Prize for my debut collection, Zikr.

3 thoughts on “TBT: California (The 2012 Bumper Edition)”

    1. The drive along Highway 1 was probably the most postcard-picturesque I’ve seen.
      I use a Canon 600D (though some of these may have been taken with a 1000D at the time). For this trip, I shot with these lenses; Canon 50mm 1.8, Sigma 17-70mm 2.8 and the Sigma 18-200mm.

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