Koh Samui sunrise

Koh Samui sunrise, 4th December 2014


This year, in no particular order:

  • I wrote a few pieces I was happy with.
  • I learnt how to swim.
  • Our family lost two patriarchs. The spaces they’ve left behind are canyons.
  • I was pregnant for a little while. I was sad about losing the person I could have become but thankful that hope survives.
  • I graduated with an MA in Creative Writing from Rhodes University.
  • A short story I wrote won the 2014 Writivism award in Uganda.
  • I’m beginning to feel a bit like I know what I’m doing.
  • We traveled (and are still travelling) through Southeast Asia. Here be the instagrams.
  • I have seen some really beautiful things.
  • There were two months out of this year where I kind of just plodded along.
  • I dyed my hair a shade of blond.
  • I lost weight and picked it all up again during those two months of non-presence. But I’m okay with that. Health is still the end goal.
  • I sold the car I’ve been driving ever since I got my license.
  • I am better at accepting criticism.
  • I have found the book I want to write.