Frankenfood Ideas To Steal That I May Or May Not Have Already Stolen

Coming soon to an artisanal food market near you:

  • Toasted chocolate cake ice cream sandwiches
  • Croissant bunny chows
  • Deep-fried macarons
  • Deep-fried macaron ice cream sandwiches
  • Ice cream bunny chows
  • Marshmallow-stuffed choux
  • Deep-fried choux stuffed with anything
  • Brioche ice cream sandwiches
  • Croissant waffles
  • Basically just deep-fry or stuff confectionery that has no business being deep-fried or stuffed.
  • Burfee in a cone
  • Cheesecake in a cone
  • Jalebi ice cream sandwich
  • Jalebi waffles
  • Katayef stuffed with ice cream
  • Katayef stuffed with burfee
  • Deep-fried waffle sandwiches
  • Bao stuffed with Indian sweatmeats.
  • Butter chicken bao
  • Biryani sushi rice
  • Biryani in a bao
  • Mac and cheese bao
  • Biryani rice dolmades
  • Mac and cheese samoosas
  • Curry leaf ice cream in a papadum cone
  • Kitchrie arancini


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