Imagined Confessions and the Crumbs of Everyday Godhood

Rain dance

Here. Take this. Break this. I must hear it shattering. Now. Stand on it. Grind into it. Make the goddamn dust sing.

I knew a boy

I knew a boy who puffed and passed on the roofs of higher education with women who did no good for him, who had his […]

winter snaps

I put poems in your pockets for you to find when you are cold.

Devotion #1

where there is love there is God where there is love


The expectation fed for years on a steady milking of a thousand words budded on swooning starry auras meshing to form a net to catch […]

Peace be upon him

*”Ya Mawla, send prayers and peace always and forever Upon Your beloved, the best out of all of Creation.” — They stoned you once until […]