Delhi Day One

The haze here in Delhi makes for murky photography, but Lightroom has an adjustment slider for that. Scenes from Connaught Place, National Gallery of Modern Art and India Gate.

November 1st, 2017|Photography, Travel|

Larger than Life

I was going to title this; "How I Was Complicit In My Own Body Shaming" when I realised that to even suggest this is to apportion blame incorrectly and to imply agency when there was none.

April 21st, 2017|Blog|


I recall a recurring dream from my childhood. I [...]

March 9th, 2017|Blog|

Project 365: Complete

At the beginning of 2016, I committed to completing a Project 365 (366 for the leap year); a pledge to take one photograph a day, every day for the entire year.

January 2nd, 2017|Blog, Photography|