It’s simple really

If God does not mind where I pray,
Who on Earth are you to say?

A response to the twitter conversations and the commentary on this post.

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5 thoughts on “It’s simple really”

  1. love your way with words, mashaA! ‘who on earth are you’… bril bril!

    For the first Ramadhan in many years, I am finally being consistent with praying Taraweeh every single night – simply because I accompany Faizal to the mosque. The reading is amazing! Powerful reading at West Street mosque and you feel so inspired and moved.

    Being able to be a part of the jamaat, listening to the reading and praying amongst 30-odd other women and kids…! Had a young 12 yrs old-looking girl next to me yesterday. Tiny tot. Felt so good being in the company of people who are worshipping, especially in this month. Feels even nicer when you see them daily and have this silent ‘bond’ with them over the month – all praying together Taraweeh. Very nice 🙂

    THIS cannot be frowned upon by God… -sigh-

  2. One A-hole even told me that if women were allowed in the mosques, then he’d continually worry about them…(looking backwards)

    I told him he’s a ‘Jags mate’ and a ‘teef’

    All this just re-affirms what I’ve said before..that most of our men are taught that they can’t control themselves. What kind of “men” are they anyway. The real men, like the Sahabas werent like that.

    Riles me to no end I tell ya.

  3. All I have to say is that EVERY SINGLE Muslim nation (including those nations where Islam was born) permits women in the mosque…And I don’t see why we can do it in the holiest of cities, but not in SA.
    Ugh, this just riles me and re-surges all my anger towards those culturally inspired so-called leaders. Effen idiots.

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