This has been inside of me for too many years now.

Schismatics, asthmatics.

can’t breathe
When they’re telling me,
How I seethe
When they’re telling me,

Where to pray.
What to display.

Yes, yes,
I am oppressed.
by your ignorance.

Don’t you see you’re all the same?
To cover me,
To uncover me,
for fuck sakes
let me be.

Forgive me
of profanity.
Dear Almighty,
Let it not be.

You’re dangerous man,
Coz they think you’re right,
And on the menu we
Have crooked rib tonight.

Is it permissible
for me
To sometimes
You know
think freely?

As long as it is
Within the confines
Of your mind.

Don’t break my faith.
You won’t break my faith
You can’t break my faith.

I submit
I submit
I submit

God be with me,
I’ll be patient,
I have lived all my life,
For your judgment.